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Research-based and people-first. Innowell facilitates real, actionable insights into the mental health posture of your student body, and promotes healthier, sustainable habits for individuals and a 'mental health first' academic culture.

The BIG problem (that we're working to fix)

1 in every 2 Australians will suffer from ill mental health at some stage in their life, and the likelihood of experiencing high levels of psychological distress more than doubles the younger you are.

To make matters worse the average wait time to see a qualified mental health professional is over 14 months. The sad news? Only half of those who need it, will get it – and when they do, it’s unlikely the first specialist they meet will be the right one for their care needs.

Mental health is no longer a secondary consideration for our students and youth. Mental health care is stewardship of our future.

Your Innowell Solution

  • Science-backed tools and pathways that focus on reflection, self-management, and reshaping behaviour loops.

  • Growing a 'mental health first' culture that doesn’t only improve quality-of-life for students but works proactively to strengthen community wellbeing and happiness.

  • Proactive, not reactive, tools that support all areas of student wellbeing, through seven domains of mental health.

  • Lead a mental health first culture and help your people be well, with Innowell.

Our students are our future. The care of their mental wellbeing is the stewardship of that future

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Insight Driven

Real-time, configurable analysis and deep analytics that give you control over meaningful, actionable reporting.

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Student Focused

Tools backed by real science and pathways tailored to individual student needs.

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Privacy First

We never share data without permission from users.

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Evidence Backed

Over 10 years of scientific research and over a dozen research trials across the globe.

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We recognise and pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ancestors, the Elders past, present and future from the different First Nations across Australia. We acknowledge the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community for the wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.

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